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School Governing Body

RHS SGB 2023_edited.jpg


Ms T. Mandviwala

Mrs A. Allie

Mr D. Carels

Ms N. Dhansay

Mr I. Dixon

Mr S. Jalgaonkar

Ms F. Ibrahim Laing

Mr B. Mampuya

Mr V. Mandviwala

Mr K. Naidoo

Ms I. Peters

Abdud Daiyaan Delong (RCL)

Muhammad Essop (RCL)

Learner Leadership

Rylands High School has various opportunities for learners to develop their leadership skills in and out of the classroom. For instance, learners can become class representatives, captains of sports teams or head of a club. 

Furthermore, prestigious learner leadership roles include being members of the RCL (representative council of learners) and being a prefect.

Role of RCL

The representative council of learners (RCL) is a team consisting of learners from each grade that serve to liaise with staff and management to voice the opinions of all learners. Members of the RCL gather input on the issues that learners are facing and construct plans to address the issues. The RCL then raise issues and proposed solutions with staff.


Overall the RCL's primary aim is to enhance learner experience and foster a positive and disciplined environment for all Rylanders.

RCL 2023.jpg

RCL Body 2023

Chairperson: Abdud Daiyaan Delong

Deputy Chairperson: Muhammad Essop

Prefects Exco 2023.jpeg

Prefect Executive Council 2023

Deputy-Head Boy: Adam Foflonker

Head Girl: Shawnice Van Der Vent

Head Boy: Abdud Daiyaan Delong
Deputy-Head Girl: Zainab Abrahams

Role of Prefects

Prefects play a crucial role in shaping the culture and ethos of our beautiful school and must be committed to upholding the school's values. The prefect body consists of responsible matric learners who are ambassadors of the school. They set a brilliant example of discipline, kindness and work ethic for others to follow.

Prefects have several responsibilities, including ground duty, late coming duty, ushering parents and learners at school events and more. The prefect executive council lead the prefect body and ensure all members of the team are performing their duties effectively.

Prefects 2023_edited_edited.jpg

Prefect Body 2023

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