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Do you have a positive attitude, a love of new and different experiences and the enthusiasm to get involved and take on all the opportunities that a busy, successful school can offer you? Rylands High is the place for you!


All applications must be made online via the WCED portal before 12 April 2024. No late applications will be considered. After online applications have been made, a hardcopy of the application, along with the additional documentation must be physically submitted to Rylands High School. Without the hardcopy application, placement at the school will not be considered.

Rylands High School is a MST (Mathematics, Science and Technology focus) school, therefore applicants must achieve at least 60% in English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences in their final Grade 6 results. Note that Mathematics is compulsory in Grade 10 and Grade 11 at Rylands High School. 



Application dates

11 March - 12 April 2024

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