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We have a unique group of individuals, who are specialists in their field and, who ultimately work well together to keep our school running efficiently.

Rylands High 2023 staff photo_edited.jpg



Mr K.S.K. Naidoo

Deputy Principal:

Ms S. Behardien

Mathematics & IT

Head of Department:

Ms I. Peters

Mr T. Chetty
Mr G.A. Chikte
Ms A. Ismail
Ms S. Kamish
Mr A. Kippie
Ms S. Nunnan
Ms L. Omar


Head of Department:

Mr A.A. Waglay

Ms R. Edries
Ms I. Raban
Mr N.J. Eksteen
Ms K. Smith
Mr F. Madziya
Ms S. Sedick


Head of Department:

Ms K. Pluke

Ms S. Behardien
Ms A. Mollagee
Ms F. Isaacs
Ms A. Sedick
Ms F. Ismail
Mr T. Taladia


Acting Heads of Department:

Ms C.L. Dayce
Ms L.H.R. Haas

Mr B. Baadjies
Ms S. Parker
Ms R. Isaacs
Ms B. Rooi


Head of Department:

Mr H. Mohamed

Ms F. Badrodien

Ms S.M.N. Francis
Ms K.R. Samson
Mr P. Smuts

Geography & Life Orientation

Head of Department:

Mr D.A. Carels

Ms A. Abass
Ms K.L. Carels
Ms Z. Beretta
Mr A. Watson

Accounting, Business Studies & EMS

Head of Department:

Ms Y.L. Wilton

Ms S. Bailey
Ms Z. Girie
Ms S. Mlonyeni


Ms Z. Bailey
Ms Z. Rawoot
Ms S. Reddy

Ms S. Van Der Vendt

Ms C. Speller

Mr F. Gabriels

Support Staff

Mr I. Dixon

Ms N. Adams
Mr T. Applegate
Ms T. Damons

Mr N. Davids

Ms E. Marcus

Mr S. Ntouise

Mr B. Wilson

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