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Some clubs are related to school subjects, however, in club meetings applicability to real-life contexts is explored on a deeper level.

Creative club

This club keeps things fresh and fun for the more creative and expressive learners at our school. The Creative club meets twice a week and experiments with different art materials. The beautiful pieces of artwork created by our learners are displayed around the school. Feel artsy? Feel free to join!

Art creative club paint
Entrepreneurship society

Entrepreneurship society

The aim of this society is to teach and develop entrepreneurial skills needed to start a small informal business. Learners have set activities to do each term: marketing, production, advertising, taking orders, market research, designing questionnaires, JSE school challenge, advertising competitions, workshops, selling activities, etc. The society meets up twice a week and is open to Grade 11 and 12 learners.

History society

This society analyses videos of past and present historical events. The meaningful discussions and debates make learners more informed of historical events and the lessons one should learn from them. The society is open to all and meets every 2-3 weeks.

History society
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