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Tech-based clubs

The world is changing fast! Technology is constantly evolving and affecting how we live our lives. We want our learners to be technology-savy people who can utilize technology to better society. Check out the tech-based clubs we offer below!


IT Club

"A catalyst for academic, technological and social growth." ~ Adam Foflonker (Founder)

The IT Club is the school's Information Technology Club. The club's primary aim is to develop practical IT skills and give all learners a platform to learn from and help their peers. Members regularly present talks on interesting IT-related topics and anyone at school is welcome to watch. The club also has a team called the "Taskforce-0". This is the team responsible for all of the school's IT hardware and equipment. The Taskforce helps set up IT-related equipment for special events and assemblies, as well as assisting educators with computer issues.

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Coding and Robotics

Our school was chosen as a pilot school for introducing coding and robotics. Our coding and robotics club helps equip learners for the digital world and gives them early exposure to key concepts of IT, which is offered as a subject from Grade 10. Coding and robotics fosters critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, creativity and more. The club explores how coding solutions can be applied to solve real-life problems. 

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