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Rylands High is a Maths, Science and Technology (MST) focused school. As such there is a strong focus on academics. We do our best to instill the value of knowledge in our learners and provide them with opportunities to maximise their academic potential.

Grade 8 and 9

Home Language: English

First Additional Language: Afrikaans/Arabic


Natural Sciences: Physical Sciences & Life Sciences

Social Sciences: History & Geography

Creative Arts

Economic Management Sciences


Life Orientation

Grade 10, 11 and 12

Group A (Compulsory)

Home Language: English

First Additional Language: Afrikaans/Arabic

Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy*

Life Orientation

*Maths Literacy only offered in Grade 12

Group B (Choose 3)


Business Studies

Information Technology

Physical Sciences

Life Sciences



Extra Subjects

Engineering, Graphics and Design

Subject Choice

Academics at Rylands High School

Our unwavering commitment is to foster a deep understanding and appreciation for all learning areas, with a central focus on the sciences. Mathematics, Science and Technology is a passion at Rylands High School, a journey of exploration and a pathway to tertiary education.

Our mission is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience that empowers students to become lifelong learners, problem-solvers, and innovators in a rapidly changing world. We offer a wide range of academic programmes designed to meet the diverse interests and needs of our students, allowing them to delve deeper into specific areas of interest and pursue their passion at university.

Fully functional IT, Science and Mathematics labs, as well as a lowered learner-teacher ratio, contribute to the academic excellence at Rylands High School. Recognising the importance of staying ahead in the digital landscape, we have prioritised the acquisition and maintenance of digital infrastructure, ensuring our classrooms are fitted with the latest technology to navigate and contribute to the advancements in digital education. 

Olympiads: Our learners don’t merely participate; they excel. Mathematics, Science, Accounting, and language Olympiads serve as platforms for learners to stretch their minds, solve intricate problems, and showcase their brilliance. These competitions aren’t just events; they’re gateways to exploration and discovery. By participating in Olympiads, our learners gain exposure to the world beyond textbooks. Tertiary institutions beckon, and our students step forward with confidence. 

Supportive Network: Every step of the way, we walk alongside our learners. Our academic support programmes act as guiding stars, ensuring that no learner walks alone. Whether it’s weekly extra classes, mentorship, or a comfortable after-school study environment, we’re committed to their success. Challenges become stepping stones, and setbacks fuel determination.

Our dedicated team: Our educators bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom. Committed to fostering a culture of inquiry and discovery, our educators inspire students to think critically, ask questions and explore the wonders of the natural world. 

Academic Excellence and University Admission: 
Our Grade 12 learners regularly secure positions in the top 40 provincial academic achiever list in the NSC examinations, while the school consistently records outstanding pass rates and results in Mathematics, Sciences and Information Technology, with a significant number of students achieving NSC bachelor passes and A-aggregates. Moreover, we are one of the top feeder schools to the University of the Western Cape and a number of our learners are admitted into the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Science and Engineering at the three major universities in the Western Cape. 

Our school’s impressive ethos coupled with our amazing learners and dedicated educators allows us to look forward to the next decade of academic success with great enthusiasm. 

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