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Math Formulas and a Calculator


Rylands High is a Maths, Science and Technology (MST) focused school. As such there is a strong focus on academics. We do our best to instill the value of knowledge in our learners and provide them with opportunities to maximise their academic potential.

Subject Choice

Grade 8 and 9

Home Language: English

First Additional Language: Afrikaans/Arabic


Natural Sciences: Physical Sciences & Life Sciences

Social Sciences: History & Geography

Creative Arts

Economic Management Sciences


Life Orientation

Grade 10, 11 and 12

Group A (Compulsory)

Home Language: English

First Additional Language: Afrikaans/Arabic

Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy*

Life Orientation

*Maths Literacy only offered in Grade 12

Group B (Choose 3)


Business Studies

Information Technology

Physical Sciences

Life Sciences



Extra Subjects

Engineering, Graphics and Design


Our learners have excelled in the many Olympiads offered to them!

They have participated in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Science Olympiads.

Intervention Classes

We offer extra classes (at no additional cost) for several subjects on a weekly basis for those requiring assistance.

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