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Rylands High

Welcome to the website of Rylands High School. Rylands High School is a co-educational public school located in Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa. Rylands High School offers a strong academic curriculum, a diverse sporting programme and a rich cultural programme.

Historical Perspective

Rylands High school opened its doors during the trying year of 1976. Amid student uprising throughout the country, 36 learners from Standard 5 to 7 sat for their end of year examination. Learners’ enrolment during the following year was 309. Although there were only 36 learners in Standard 8, the school was mindful of the recently introduced four phase differentiated system of education, which offered 3 subject sets to these learners.

1979 saw the first group of 24 matriculants sit for their Senior Certificate Examination. To great jubilation a 100% pass rate was achieved in the final examination. Alternative examination subjects such as Art and Music, were introduced in 1984.

Ten years after Rylands High opened its doors, the number of learners increased to 564. The school curriculum was constantly reviewed, evaluated and expanded and learners in Standard 8 were given the opportunity of choosing from 20 different subject sets.

Do you have a positive attitude, a love of new and different experiences and the enthusiasm to get involved and take on all the opportunities that a busy, successful school can offer you? Rylands High is the place for you!

Principal's Perspective

The essence of Rylands High School lies in its enduring commitment to academic excellence, underpinned by a strong emphasis on Mathematics, Science and Technology. Our school's strategic goals are meticulously crafted to fortify outcomes, inter alia, in key subjects, including Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Information Technology and Accounting.


At the heart of Rylands' success is our happy school and positive ethos, fostered by our learners and dedicated staff. This disciplined and joyful environment forms the backdrop against which academic achievements flourish. The school's prefects, representative council of learners and various societies and clubs actively co-ordinate a myriad of educational and cultural programmes, contributing to a bustling and high-performance campus.

Rylands High School Principal - KSK Naidoo

Rylands High School implements a range of academic support initiatives, such as Olympiads, career guidance programmes, compulsory FET Mathematics, and a lowered learner-teacher ratio. These endeavours underscore the school's commitment to nurturing not only academic success but also holistic student development. Our campus is equipped with well-resourced classrooms fitted with the latest e-learning technologies and functional science laboratories catering to both Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. Additionally, there is a dedicated Mathematics Centre, state-of-the-art IT laboratories, and excellent sporting facilities that accommodate a diverse range of sporting disciplines. 

The impact of Rylands High School extends beyond the school gates, with alumni recognised as innovators and leaders on both local and international stages. Rylands High School has earned its place among the top feeder schools to our local universities, a testament to its unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Grade 12 learners regularly secure positions in the top 40 provincial academic achiever list in the NSC examinations while the school consistently records outstanding pass rates and results in Mathematics, Sciences, and Technology, with a significant number of students achieving NSC bachelor passes and A-aggregates.

Looking ahead, Rylands High School eagerly anticipates welcoming learners with diverse strengths and interests, with the aim of helping them realise their full potential and cultivate the skills essential for their future endeavours.

Mr. K. Naidoo


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